What to expect over the coming months

Welcome to the workspace platform roadmap page

The below roadmap details the planned approach for the phase 1 development of the workspace platform.  As we get closer to the completion of the first phase, we will be gathering feedback and moving the platform in a direction which our users truly want.  To inspire the creation of new features, and get involved in the direction of this remarkable project, start engaging with fellow users and our development team in the on-demand community forums, which will be available on the next release.

Who are we?

November 2023
Azure Marketplace release v1.0.0
Is there ever a right time to go live? There is now...

- Services: Managed Cloud Desktop Management Platform v1.0.0 - Seel release documentation: v1.0.0 Mauve Haze

March 2024
V1.1.0 - Plan and features updates
New Packages, SKUs, AVD

New subscription packages available (Basic and Premium)
New Managed Desktop SKUs available (Windows 11, gaming builds)
AVD integration
Community Forums switched on
Other UX updates

April 2024
V1.2 - Cost Management Updates
Cost Management

- Cost Management Tools including Monthly Spend forecasting

- Multiple NCD instances functionality
- UX Updates

May 2024
V1.3 - AI Updates
AI Updates

- Cost Management Tools with AI Integration

- AI reporting functionality

Spring 2024
Novacloud Bridge
Watch this Space!
Novacloud Bridge is a product in development which simplifies hybrid environment integration to bind seamlessly with Azure.  This product will also integrate with the Novacloud Desktop Portal.

Novacloud provides Azure cloud services and solutions for businesses, public sector organisations and educational institutions around the UK. We’ve been helping SME’s and
institutions to get the most out of the cloud for years. We can assist you with cloud solutions for the
Microsoft Azure platform, providing consultancy, infrastructure design and build services, migration
services and in-depth technical know-how.

Our new platform, Novacloud Desktop, further benefits our clients by providing a simple, secure and economical way to access desktops in the cloud.