Novacloud workspace is a managed desktop platform (Desktop as a Service) which provides you with a familiar interface from anywhere in the world. Perfect for hybrid working, it allows for VM and managed desktop environments to be deployed in your organisation to new or existing staff at the click of a button. Best of all, you can balance expenditure with performance – ensuring you keep an eye on that all-important bottom line.



A simple way for small and medium businesses to run a virtual desktop infrastructure without breaking the bank or having to spend a penny on development and consultancy. Run a standard company desktop for all staff without too much technical overhead. Fully automated setup (Uses AVD and/or Bastion)

Cost Effective

Utilising FinOps methodologies, the experts behind Novacloud Desktop can give you a detailed, drilled-down description of where your money is going on the platform, and – most importantly – automation to cut costs, from turning off machines at certain times, to analysing what you’re spending with AI-powered forecasting estimates.


Having a smooth system is one thing, but it’s nothing compared to one which can be relied upon time and time again. Novacloud combines these two together, making sure your operations are secure on the Azure platform, all images are fully patched when required, and the user experience is second-to-none.


Scale up to whatever you need in terms of users, capacity and VM power. The opportunities Novacloud’s managed desktop platform provides are endless. Within ten minutes you can create a secure, scalable desktop environment with a selection of desktop images which we patch, operate and manage for you.

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Who are we?

Novacloud provides Azure cloud services and solutions for businesses, public sector organisations and educational institutions around the UK. We’ve been helping SME’s and
institutions to get the most out of the cloud for years. We can assist you with cloud solutions for the
Microsoft Azure platform, providing consultancy, infrastructure design and build services, migration
services and in-depth technical know-how.

Our new platform, Novacloud Desktop, further benefits our clients by providing a simple, secure and economical way to access desktops in the cloud.